Monday, January 25, 2010

Gotta Make that Change

So I'm thinking of doing something a little crazy.

I'm thinking of cutting all
my hair off.

Well, not ALL exactly (although I have moments...). I am actually a short hair person, but I am getting to "an age" where I feel like I am running out of time to do long hair and not look ridiculous. I am a believer that older women with long hair often look...odd. Not all. I've seen some real post-menopausal hotties, but the law of averages combined with the early signs of gravity on my face have me fairly certain I will not be one of them. So to appease my husband and out of respect for the inevitable process of aging, I have been growing my hair out.

It is wearing me out.

About two years ago my hair was just past my shoulders, which for me is borderline Crystal Gayle. I just have never really maintained long hair for any real length of time. It gets in my face, it sticks to my neck or in my collar, and I usually end up sticking it in a ponytail. While Mark likes the "sporty ponytail" look, I end up feeling like I have no actual hair style. It's such a catch 22. Which is not be confused with a V05.

And then sometime last year I noticed my hair began falling out. Not just a little. I'm talking falling out like a roomful of Pentacostals at a weekend revival. You know you are losing a lot of hair when your cleaning lady (Yes, I have a cleaning lady. I've got a post to write about that. Stop with the judgment already.) pulls you aside and says, "I noticed you are losing a lot of hair. I hope I'm not overstepping, but is everything OK?" (As a side note, I thought it was cute that she worried about overstepping. This is the woman who has seen our master bathroom and lived to hopefully never tell about it...) I have been to the doctor to get it checked, and while I have a nice chunk of "new growth" next to my temple where the "old growth" decided to bail on me, I am healthy. Just slightly balding and thinning.

So right now I have a little longer than chin length hair with long layers and lots of grays. (We'll be coloring tomorrow too.) And I think it may have to go.

Here are some pictures of me with different length hair styles. What so you think? Should I do it?

Because it's this or a new tattoo.

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