Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Fundraising Begins!

As you probably know by now, we are hosting Inessa this Christmas through New Horizons for Children. When we hosted Sintija this past summer, God literally dropped $2500 in our laps the morning after we prayed for the "go ahead" to host. (Literally dropped it in our laps - got an email from our accountant that our tax return was going to be $2500 more than first anticipated...we felt like that was one giant "Yes!" from God!) Mark and I are as convinced as ever that hosting one of these kids is something we are to be a part of, so this time around we are having to fund raise to bring Inessa here. Now I am the last person who would EVER feel comfortable asking for money from anyone, but I believe so strongly in this program and the blessing it is to everyone involved, so we have set up a fundraising site to help raise the money needed to get Inessa to the US. Feel free to check it out!

Please don't feel obligated to give. We know these aren't easy times for anyone financially, but we feel so strongly about the kingdom value of this program that we want to give anyone a chance to participate whether you can host a child, be a prayer warrior for a family who is hosting, or donate money to help bring a child for the holidays!

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