Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a Difference an Apron Can Make

I have been on this "feathering my nest" kick for quite some time now (with the occasional day off here or there where I was just plain sloth-like), and I have been looking for inspiration along the way. I am finding my biggest struggle is staying on top of the daily housework. I found a great blog (yeah, not my own) to encourage me in keeping house. The blog focuses on living simply, and there is something about that idea that appeals to me on a deep level. I'm hoping to incorporate some tips from this other blog in my day to help me stay on tasks with the daily chores. (More on all the specifics in another post.)

Yesterday I received the neatest gift, and this morning I discovered that inspiration can come not only from a blog, but also from an apron. Sounds crazy, I know! But my dear friend Aly gave me the most beautiful apron, and this morning as I tied it on, I felt...comfortable, at ease almost, facing down the kitchen counters and the clutter that had accumulated over the course of a too-busy week. The apron is a beautiful, rich chocolate brown color (which matches my kitchen walls), sturdy cotton fabric, fitted, with two deep pockets. I slipped my iPod in one pocket, a hand towel in the other and set about cleaning the kitchen, dispersing the messes, and tackling the laundry. As I puttered around in my new apron, I suddenly realized that with an apron like this, I could almost enjoy cleaning the house in a dress and pearls like Mrs. Cleaver did.

Instead of feeling confined and burdened by the apron and all it represented, I felt liberated somehow - like maybe this job that is my life can be satisfying and pretty.

I love my new apron.


Renovation Girl said...

I so totally need an apron like that...

Aly-Rae said...

Renovation girl...Home Goods. Got me one in green. $7.99. Although I think Ann's is infused with superhero powers.
So glad you like it darling.