Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Random Thoughts

Been feeling a little blue today (No idea why - I'm sure it will pass soon!), so instead of a deep, meaningful post I'm just going to throw out some random thoughts.

1. I love my guys. This afternoon I took Jude and Cal to Mark's work so the men of the house could get their testosterone fix at the paintball store together after hours. As I drove away, I caught a glimpse of my guys in the rear view mirror, and I had a moment of spontaneous affection for the Kimmel men. I know most everyone says it, but I really do think I have the most wonderful family. My guys are interesting, unique, and beautiful. I adore them.

2. If you really want to know who God is, He'll show you. The other day I was looking online at bumper stickers (I'm getting ready to pimp out the Nav!) and I was shocked at some of the "religious" bumper stickers for sale that are just plain bad theology. It amazes me how people (and I confess, myself at times) can attribute just about any position, political or moral, to God. I was disturbed by it all until I went to my Bible Study last night and realized if we want to know God and know what He is about and who He really is...we can! I'm doing the Precept Upon Precept Study of the book of Isaiah (part II), and in the chapters we studied last night, God continually tells His people who He is. We may have taken God and tried to fit Him into the most convenient mold for us, but He is who He is no matter what. I love that, and I love what I am learning about the God I serve!

3. A democratic senator just compared the health care situation in America to the Holocaust. I take issue with that comparison, both in fact and in spirit. Don't get me wrong - as someone who has been sick for over two years, I really do get how important health care is. I am fortunate that our health care has helped out enough that we haven't gone under financially because of all my medical bills. It has been a financial burden in no uncertain terms, but we are fortunate. Yet to use the intentional, systematical elimination of a specific race of people to make a point about health care in America? Come on. (Now if you were using the comparison to discuss abortion in America, you might have a leg to stand on, but we'll save that for another post...)

4. I think I may need to crank up the music and dance tonight. Heaven help the neighbors.

5. I am so excited - next week I am going on the 2nd Annual Ann-and-Ang vacation, and I can't wait! Ang is the friend that I don't remember life before. She's the friend I still start the sentence, "Remember at my wedding when..." and she has to remind me that we didn't know each other when I got married. Last year we went to DC for a long weekend, and it was really incredible. She was a good enough friend last vacation to carry the backpack with my hard bound, large sized "The War" book I bought at Arlington Cemetery in it while pregnant, so this year I have committed to carrying her sweet son Isaac for her while we traipse around Kansas City. We'll be hanging out some at IHOP - International House of Prayer, so that will be pretty fantastic. And I get to hang out with her sister and her mom too! Since moving down here, time with Ang has become a precious commodity, and I can't wait to reminisce about my wedding with her. Oh, wait...

6. Having all this free time on my hands (since I am on semi-house arrest) has given me time to think about hobbies I want to some day pursue. I have had a hankerin' to get back into theater, specifically acting. When I studied theater in college I was much more comfortable behind the scenes, but there is a part of me now that would like to get back into the the study of acting. Not sure that this is the season of life for me to really dig into it, but it has been kind of fun to feel the interest in acting again.

That is about all the random thoughts I have for tonight.

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