Wednesday, September 9, 2009

House Arrest????

I haven't been feeling great for over a week, and today I finally went to the doctor. (I know, better late than never.) On top of a sinus infection, the nasty systemic infection I fought two years ago is rearing its ugly head and I'm fighting that battle once more. Fortunately, this time around we know what we are dealing with, and although it's probably going to be a long haul, I feel optimistic that this time we will be able to get this out of my system for good.

Without getting into all the details (in the spirit of HIPPA...), it's going to be a long next few months. I am taking a lot of supplements and now some antibiotics, and I will have to be much more careful about my eating (again...ugh!). But I also found out through blood work that my immune system is pretty much non existent at this point. It is surprising to me, since I think I look fairly healthy (thank you very much). But with my counts being so low (we're talking WAY low), and two infections going on right now, I was STRONGLY urged by my usually-very-diplomatic doctor to stay home and away from people in general until my blood work looks better.

I know I recently posted about wanting to feathering my nest, but I'm not sure I want to constantly abide there! Probably my biggest frustration is that I volunteer in Children's Ministry on the weekends, and I absolutely love it. I help out with the 2nd and 3rd grade kids, and it is such a joy! Needless to say, my doctor was less than thrilled that I was surrounding myself with a room full of kids while I'm not at my best to fight off all the accompanying germs, and no matter how I try to plot and plan, I'm just not sure how to volunteer safely until I am better able to stay healthy.

So it's looking like I will be under house arrest for a few weeks. The thought alone makes me feel stir crazy! I know I need to find some projects to tackle while I'm hiding from all the germs out there. I think I'll work on my scrap booking. I need to spend some time writing up more of my sheep study. I am starting a Precept study of Isaiah so it will be a good opportunity for me to really dig into that.

But I am also open to some ideas - what would you do if you were stuck at home for awhile?


Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

Sambucol and elderberry copious amounts to build/rebuild the immune system.
As to staying problem! I love being on the farm, tending to family, animals and doing the work of my hands - spinning, quilting, knitting, felting, etc. There's always enough to do; my prayer is "Please God, give me the strength to do the work You've set before me."
As an aside...we met in Greenville, SC many decades ago, and I've often wondered about you, your life, your direction. How God has used you, where He's taken you. As you've been in my thoughts, you've also been in my prayers...for peace, health, happiness.
Memory is a poor servant but I believe it was your book "yes!" that made such an impact on me. Prior to that book, I'm not sure I understood the adventure involved when one says "yes!" to God. How easily I could have missed that lesson; so many thanks for writing that particular book.
Unfortunately/fortunately, I no longer have your books as they have been passed on to others. I regret not having them but I don't regret saying "yes!" to God when He put the opportunities in front of me to share -smile-.
God's blessings on you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.

Renovation Girl said...

Oooo, you'll be home more? That means you can blog more! :)

So glad you finally went to the dr!!! Now you can get better! I love your scrapbooking idea-I love that! Maybe you could try out some new and more complicated recipes? I hope you're feeling better fast.