Wednesday, September 2, 2009

At What Point... an illness do you call the doctor?

I was feeling fine (maybe a little tired) Monday when WHAM! It was literally like all of the sudden I got sick - within minutes I went from sort of tired to "Oh my gosh, someone shoot me!". I'm not on death's door, but I feel like poo and have since then. Low grade fever, sore throat (but not strep sore), headache, achy all over (my ribs and wrists hurt!), sore armpits (yeah, you read that right), and although I have no cough at all, it hurts to breathe sometimes. No high fever (right around 100 when I go too long without Advil), no throwing up or stomach issues, I am not dehydrated, and I am limping through my days. Not down and out, but definitely...down.

How sick do you have to be to call the dr? When is it worth the copay for a visit? I am sure I will survive whatever this is and be back to my radiant, fun loving self soon, but in the meanwhile I am just curious how other people would handle this. WWYD?


Renovation Girl said...

ANN!!!! At least call the dr!!! With swine flu making its rounds, you should really get checked out-not so much for you, but for the kiddos. I've had the sore armpit thing before when I had the flu (not of the swine variety). Having the flu was the worst illness I have ever had. It knocked me out for at least a week. Call the dr!!!

Steve said...