Monday, August 31, 2009

If You Have Space on Your Prayer Card...

...lift up the sweet children in Latvia who just finished their interviews for the hosting program!

The team from New Horizons for Children spent this past week in Latvia visiting various orphanages and foster homes interviewing children for the Christmas hosting program. They were kind enough to send out email updates to us hosting folks back here in the states, and my heart is so tender for these kids I ache just thinking about them.

There are some amazing stories. There is a 4 year old boy Tomas who needs spine correcting surgery. The medical care he could receive in the US would be far superior to the surgery he was facing in Latvia, so the team has gotten his caretakers to agree to postpone his surgery in the hopes that an American family will step up and commit to hosting this boy and facilitating for his surgery and care. There is sweet Kate who needed a new wheelchair (she is a quadriplegic) and with money from a fundraising program, the team was able to buy her a chair that will be delivered in a few weeks. There is a 14 year old boy who came to one of the orphanages on his own accord after being abandoned by his family. The team described him as a bright, kind young man who has lost the vision in one eye due to an accident. There was a sibling set of 11 (only 8 are eligible for adoption at this point) who the team fell in love with.

The stories of the 69 Latvian children who have been approved for the Christmas hosting program are each heartbreaking and exceptional in their own ways. I'm telling you - once you have met one of these kids, your heart is forever changed. I literally ache for each and every one of these precious kids.

Mark and I are praying about our role in the Christmas hosting program. To be very honest, it isn't an easy thing to jump right back into. I'm not sure my heart has fully healed from saying good bye in the airport hallway to Sintija. I'm not sure it ever will. But I know God has blessed us by giving us just a small glimpse of His heart for these children who are disdained and ignored in their society. They are not invisible to Him. He sees them - each one of them. He loves them all with a passion that simply overwhelms me.

So if you have some extra time as you are praying this week, please lift up these precious ones. Pray that God will raise up for them families to show them tangible proof of His overflowing love and care for them. Pray that God will guide Mark and I. Pray for the team from NHFC as they travel through Ukraine and Russia meeting orphaned children there and seeking God's plan for each of them.

If you want any information on hosting, feel free to check out New Horizons website at

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