Monday, July 13, 2009

Wonder and Charades

Tonight Sintija and I took Marshall for a walk after the boys had gone to bed. It was dusk, and the evening's first fireflies were venturing out. Apparently they don't have fireflies in Latvia - Sintija stopped dead in her tracks, pointed at one of the blinks, and said, "What is das????" I caught a firefly and showed her - she was fascinated! (And obviously impressed at my bug catching prowess...) Through motions, I told her when I was young we would catch lots and lots of fireflies.

On our way back home we passed a power pole that has some sort of control box on it with a blinking red light. She pointed and asked, "What is das?" Picture, if you will, what pantomiming "When the red light blinks, there is power. No blinking, no power." I imagine it was pretty entertaining to the ladies walking behind us (I added sound effects to help convey meaning, which probably only heightened their entertainment or horror...)

Another thing I learned walking Marshall tonight with Sintija is that "I will walk Marshall with you, but there is NO WAY I'm picking up his poop in that poop bag" sounds about the same in Latvia as it does when my sons say it to me in English.

Life with Sintija is good!


tucson58 said...

what an interesting blog--but what would i expect from my favorite nice!! this is lisa right? starting a trial riding group called KINGDOM RIDERS. love to have you as a member--even if you are "rump sprung"

Norwood Mama said...

We are just discovering fireflies, too. They are an amazing discovery for all children! (mine are just discovering them now because they are on Sesame Street. you know they are in bed WAY before the Norwood fireflies are out!)