Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Being raised somewhat of a country girl, I love being outside.  I was a part of the "outside" generation - we didn't play video games or watch cable TV.  We came home from school, chucked our book bags inside the door, and ran back outside to play kickball or football or capture the flag with the neighbor kids.  We were often sunburned, barefoot, sweaty, and happy.  I was always an outside girl.

The other night we spent a wonderful evening with friends at their new house.  Their backyard has the most amazing view - the sunset, woods, deer, hawks, and a little pond.  The kids jumped rope, threw rocks in the pond, looked for arrowheads, and then a cut throat game of freeze tag broke out.  Not to be outdone, my "outside girl" friend LaDona and I joined in the game when her husband Mr Harold became a terrifying force to be reckoned with for the children.

It was one of those amazing evenings when you end up tired, dirty, and with a stomachache from laughing.  I came home that night thankful for good friends, healthy children, laughter, and the joy of being outside.

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Renovation Girl said...

Dude, you're killing me here with one week in between posts!!! ;) I miss your words!