Friday, April 3, 2009

I Have Met the Enemy...

...and the enemy is called "evaporated cane juice syrup".

Been detoxing now for several weeks, and overall I am feeling so much better it's nearly spooky.  I find myself actually looking forward to eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and I must say, I make a mean organic chicken salad.  But the other night as I passed The Cheesecake Factory on my way to Whole Foods (subliminal sabotage), I experienced a deep desire to have some gourmet cheesecake.

That desire is so over.

While at Whole Foods I did the best I could to read labels and consult my "can/can't eat" list in an attempt to find some new things to eat, but apparently I let something slip through the cracks.  I have been completely off sugar since I stated this detox on March 14, and once I got through the withdrawal symptoms (Yes!  Withdrawal!  From sugar - can you believe that???) I have stayed far, far away from it.  

Until I put something in my cart at Whole Foods that contains "evaporated cane juice syrup".  Now I realize had I thought this through, I might have realized there was some danger lurking in the rice cakes and granola cereal.  But it didn't dawn on me until I ate a bowl of the cereal this morning, and promptly felt horribly, horribly ill.  We're talking sick.  I instantly began checking labels and chugging water, and came to the conclusion that evaporated cane juice syrup is definitely a "can't eat" ingredient.  I was shaky, nauseous, tearful, and angry, combined with some blurry vision, headache, and numbness in my face and fingers.  My body was very clearly letting me know that we no longer operate on that crap!  After many, many glasses of filtered water, lots of veggies, and a nearly three hour nap - I am finally starting to recover.

You know that cheesecake I really wanted the other night?  I wouldn't eat all that sugar now if you paid me!  It is amazing and horrifying all at the same time to think that I operated every day on sugar, and the toll that was taking on my body.  

Talk about being scared straight.  I've been sugar scared straight.

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Renovation Girl said...

Wow, Ann, that's crazy! I am fascinated by this detox you are doing! I can't even imagine how toxic my body is!!!