Friday, March 13, 2009

Something to Look Forward To

One of the things that most rocked my world when I became a stay at home mom is how "every day" every day can be. I remember my older sister telling me when I was pre-kids that once you have children there is no such thing as a weekend. I thought that was a peculiar thought until I had Jude and realized that he needed changed, fed, rocked, burped, etc. as often on Saturdays and Sundays as he did during the week. It is a different existence on a different schedule than the rest of the world once you have kids.

I sometimes struggle with the repetitive nature of parenting, made even more difficult by the fact that any window I had to "spice things up" was usually overwhelmed by a desperate need for a nap over the last two years. Don't get me wrong - I truly love my life. I have learned to find great joy in the little things - baking with Calvin, cheering on Penn State with the family, a nice walk with Marshall the wonder dog. But sometimes I start feeling well enough for the "old adventurous Ann" to stir. And she wants something out of the ordinary to look forward to.

I've been on Cipro for a week now (and for those of you who don't know, for some unexplained reason I always feel more energetic and less short of breath on Cipro...weird, huh?) and adventurous Ann is itching for a change in the routine. So this weekend, Mark and the boys and I are going on a weekend getaway with some friends! We are heading to Chattanooga (but to make it really fun you have to pronounce it "Chatt-a-NOOOOOOOOOOOOG-a) for two days of adventure!

We are hoping to hit Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain, the Aquarium, the Children's Discovery Museum, and maybe even take in a three man paintball tournament at Insane Paintball. We are going with two other couples who we love and whose children the boys love, and I am fairly certain it is going to be a blast.

I have always been a big fan of anticipation, and today I feel great having this trip to look forward to. A change in the routine (that I feel like I can handle) is such a shot in the arm! So today I will do laundry, pack, run a few errands, and look forward to our weekend getaway.

It feels good to look forward.

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