Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quick Update

Things have been going OK since my cyber breakdown. Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone! I have moments where I feel so confident that I can do this (and eat like this the rest of my life) and then I have moments when I think "What am I doing to myself?". I think the emotional and spiritual toll of this new lifestyle is almost harder to bear than the physical. But I am doing better!

I am pretty proud of my self - I haven't had one thing I am not supposed to have. I almost hate to type that because I feel like I might end up jinxing myself. It isn't easy. Last night Mark brought home pizza for everyone else and it smelled heavenly. Talk about manna from heaven! (Well, except its bad for you. And God didn't make it. The guy at Dominos did. But whatever.) While they dined on Dominos, I grilled some organic turkey breasts, and ate that with organic, unsweetened applesauce, and fried potatoes. The fried potatoes tasted the best because my mom made them for me! (Using safflower oil, an approved oil.) We all know food we didn't prepare generally tastes better than the food we expend our own energy preparing!

Tomorrow I start the special B12 shots. That's going to be interesting. But I figure, if I can give a sheep a shot for 4-H, how hard can it be to give myself one? Right? (Someone back me up here...)

So that is the quick detox update. I know this diet is just the first step I am going to have to take on the path to wellness, but I'm still chugging along.


Renovation Girl said...

Yay!!! I'm so happy to hear that you're doing well, and with pizza in the house!! That's a tough one! Good luck with those shots...I've had to get shots during our infertility treatments and Remodel Man had to give them to me...I'm a huge baby with stuff like that. You, however, can do it!!! (Piece of advice...ice wherever it is you need to take it to numb any discomfort).

Check my blog on Wednesday night...there's an award on there for ya!

Kira's Mum said...

I'm not sure what is approved or not approved on your detox diet, but I always love the ginger + garlic combo on almost anything. It's especially good on baked sweet potato or salad. Keep at it!