Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Goals, February Goals Reviewed

So here it is - time for the accountability post that I so love. (Sarcasm intended.)

In February I wanted to focus on eating fewer breakfasts and lunches out, continue meal planning, find some sort of exercise to try, spend more time with Mark, and figure out a laundry system that works better for our family and my husband's long term security.

I have to say, I did a great job on not eating out as much. I only ate breakfast out two times, and while that is probably two times more than I needed, it is a huge improvement from the two times a week I would eat breakfast out. I also noticed I came in under budget by a little bit, and I imagine Chick-fil-a is wondering why profits were down this past month!

The meal planning is going...OK. I usually plan for four or five meals at a time, and that seems to work alright. I would love to do a whole month meal plan or maybe at least two weeks at a time. Here is the problem with that - I don't feel like i have a very good repertoire of recipes to use for a month at a time. Does anyone else feel like that? It seems we eat about the same seven or eight meals over and over. So the meal planning may need some refining, but I'm getting better at knowing what's for supper each night.

The exercise? Yeah. Uh-huh. So I borrowed a few exercise tapes from the library and bought a few I found on sale. Can I just say there are some very odd people making exercise videos these days. I did find one I kind of liked - it is a Brazilian dance workout, which looked fun. (I say "looked" because I actually sat down with a snack and watched the thing. Don't want to over commit.) I have to confess I am still pretty wary of exercise because I get short of breath doing so many basic daily things, but it can't hurt to try a little more. I guess. I probably didn't hit this goal out of the park.

As far as time with Mark, it was a little better! On Tuesdays and Thursdays both boys are in school, and a few weeks ago Mark took a Thursday off and we hung out together all day. It was great! We are going to try and do that every few months. It is wonderful to have a chunk of time like that together.

The laundry situation has actually improved quite a bit, thanks to both Mark and I. I am trying to do two loads of laundry a day, and get it all folded and put away as soon as it is dried. Mark has started folding laundry in the bedroom so the dining room table has actually remained...a dining room table. Whew! But I have to say, it always astounds me how much laundry there is.

I have a few specific things I want to work on in March.

1. Refine the meal planning. I want to plan more long term (a few weeks at a time or if I am feeling bold, the rest of the month), and also start being more intentional about snacks for the boys. I also need to find some new recipes that are easy and healthy.

2. Be more intentional with my energy. That needs its own separate post.

3. Less TV. More time with the boys.

So there we go. That's as good as I've got for now! Start sending me some recipe ideas if you have any...I'm going to need all the help I can get with that one!


Renovation Girl said...

Hi Ann...check out's a great blog for all things organizational and every Monday, she does Meal Plan Monday. Everyone posts their meal plans for that week on their blog and link back to her. She compiles all links so you can check out what everyone else is having and many provide links to their recipes. (Phew, what a run on!) Over 400 people do it, so there are plenty of recipes to choose from. I find planning weekly works a bit better for me than monthly, because I shop weekly and I don't overspend (if I don't follow the meal plan and then have perishable ingredients it can be counter-productive). This comment is getting far too long. I'll email you the rest!! :) GOod job on a successful February!!! Good luck with March.

Renovation Girl said...

Okay, I reread my post and that one sentence was not a run-on. Blah. We'll blame the sinus headache...

Carrigan Family said...

Have you checked out ? I use to actually subscribe to this - you get your meals planned and the grocer list e-mailed to you every week. We liked some of the meals, some we didn't. Also - this helps me - make a list of beef, poultry, pork, fish, pasta, and sides - write down under each category things that you all like - then try to pull from each group each week - this works well WHEN I do it :). Also, we've discussed this before - let's start picking 2 nights a month (one for you guys, one for us) - and kid swap. It is a great deal for the grown ups and our kids would love it as well. Then, at least we have one night a month with our hubbies .... and I'll feel like a good mom as well - because we had friends over (Ryan is on me ALL the time about this). This way we don't have to break the bank to go out and have a babysitter. I feel like you get the short end of the stick with this one though - you get THREE of mine.

Love you - have a great w/end! Can we paint my bathroom next? I'm serious about this one :).