Friday, March 27, 2009

Find Your Happiness Friday

My totally cool friend Chex (that's her secret identity) started a fun weekly event on her blog, and I have decided to participate! She calls it "Find Your Happiness Friday". After observing so many people walking around discouraged and unhappy, Chex thought it was time to take a moment and remember things in our lives that bring us happiness. Check out her blog - She is on my blog roll as "Renovation Girl". (Yes. I know there is a way to link it in this post. However, I do not know the way. We'll see if it is a new skill I can master by next Friday, but I promise nothing...Angela fixed it!)

Today I can find some happiness in planning my new flower garden! It isn't ready for planting just yet, but I have had such a great time thinking through how I want it to look. I have a barrel planter I want to fill, and several little pots I am going to put flowers in. I bought a small little garden wagon to set the pots in, and I have a new rosebush! I moved my backyard swing so I can sit and swing and admire the flowers. I can't wait! I so enjoy looking at flowers, but I also love the process of planning and selecting and planting. Gardening is such a joy!

So there is one thing that makes me happy this Friday. How about you? Leave a comment and let me know how you found happiness this week!

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Renovation Girl said...

Is there a better way to find your happiness than to add to God's garden? I think not!!! Thanks for participating!