Thursday, March 19, 2009

Detox Thoughts

Here are some things I am realizing as I embark on yet another day of detoxing:

1. You have to get creative to make organic, detox-diet friendly food taste good. I have found that sugar snap peas make everything taste better. Really. Try it.

2. Food is everywhere. I wasn't ever fully conscious of this until I started having to be. Between commercials, fast food places, and grocery store displays, it isn't easy or convenient to eat this way. I feel like I am constantly assaulted with the easy access and temptation to grab some junk and munch.

3. It isn't easy or convenient to eat this way, but it is do-able. I have been pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of "OK" foods I have found at Kroger, Super-Walmart, and Publix. From organic fruits and vegetables to almond milk and safflower oil, I have been able to find most everything I need to get by.

4. Speaking of almond milk, I got to wondering how many people it takes to squeeze enough milk out of almonds to fill the 32 oz. carton in my fridge. I have no idea what the answer is, but pondering this may keep me distracted for the next 25 1/2 days.

5. When I take the time and commit to making healthy food, I'm not too bad at it. I had the most delicious lunch today, hand made by my very own self. I took organic greens (spinach, kale, romaine, etc), threw in some organic walnuts and organic sliced almonds, and cut up an organic chicken breast I had baked in lemon juice and sprinkled with pepper. I topped it all off with a yummy salad dressing I made from scratch with olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, and a few drops of fresh lemon juice. It was absolutely incredible! Even though as a general rule, I prefer food I didn't cook on a plate I'm not washing, I have to admit I was proud of myself as I ate this meal. It was delicious!

6. No matter how bored I get with my limited meat choices of chicken, turkey, and fish, I am still fairly certain I will not be sampling the approved lamb or wild game that Dr. Holistic recommends.

7. I have some real issues with food. (Shocking!) I noticed several times today that I instinctively went to the cabinets looking for a bite of something. When I caught myself and took a minute to think about why I was looking for food, I realized that one time it was because I was feeling discouraged and a few times it was because I was bored. I am hungry at those moments - just not genuinely for food. Which leads me to one of my most profound revelations so far...

8. This detox diet (and the whole commitment to healing I've undertaken) is almost as much a spiritual process as it is a physical process. Sounds strange, and I would not have believed this if I wasn't experiencing it right now. My relationship with food has not been glorifying to God. I have used food to deal with emotions and problems that I should have talked with the Lord about. I have rewarded myself with food, I have celebrated with food, and I have avoided feeling uncomfortable by using food. To be honest, I would never have believed this to be true of myself - other people, sure - but not me, had I not gone through these last few days. I have had to confess a sense of entitlement, a sinful comfort level with gluttony, and a ignorance of what true need is. I have gained a new appreciation for Jesus' name "Bread of Life" and a greater desire to experience a "hunger and thirst for righteousness". This is rocking my world.

9. So far, I haven't struggled too hard with overwhelming urges for sugar or any of the other "off limits" foods. But for the first day or so I felt like I was continually coming off a sugar high and I have had a nagging headache off and on. Dr. Holistic says that is a good sign that my body has begun to break down the "bad stuff".

10. Detoxing essentially means removing harmful toxins from the system. The removal has begun. Trust me. (And that's all I'm gonna say about that.)

So these are a few of my initial insights as I tackle a new way of thinking, living, and healing.


Kira's Mum said...

Good for you, Ann! I hear that detox is all about weird stuff going in, and weirder stuff coming out. Good luck!

Danielle said...

Here's a yummy recipe for almond milk if you decide to make your own. :)

Renovation Girl said...

That salad sounds wonderful!!! Good for you! Keep up the great, hard work. You can do this!!