Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Well, OK Then.

This morning the boys started back to school after a nice, long (the "long" part kicked in a few days ago...) Christmas break.  Both boys were excited to get back to school, their buddies, and the routine.  In a sure sign that the rapture is imminent, Cal Henry was dressed and ready to go a half and hour early this morning.  I was amazed!  

A few minutes before we were set to leave, Cal asked for one more drink of juice which I obliged him.  As soon as he as done chugging, I told him to go brush his teeth.  

"I already did!", he proudly told me.

"Well, you need to brush them again honey.  Your breath will be stinky from the juice.  I don't want you having stinky breath with your friends."  (I'm just trying to put off the social challenges as long as possible.)

"Oh, don't worry", he reassured me.  "I won't blow fire balls in anyone's face today, mommy."

Um.  Well.  OK then.

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