Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Seriously...He's Seven?????

It just sounds so strange, seeing as I am only 25.  (Still and again.)

We celebrated Jude's 7th birthday today.  It's funny - I remember how exciting birthdays were as a child, but I almost enjoy them more as the mommy.  It is amazing to me to take a day to think about the last seven years - seven years - with this interesting, creative, intuitive, funny boy.  He and I have both come a long way since that mild January evening in 2002 when he was born.  And although he has changed and grown in leaps and bounds, I am willing to bet I have changed and learned even more by being his mommy.  

Can I just brag on my birthday boy for a minute?  Can you indulge this mama?  There is nothing more heart warming than to hear Jude's infectious giggle.  His prayers and steadfast faith will one day move mountains, I have no doubt.  He takes his role as big brother very seriously.  There is a lot of optimist packed into his body.  He has been a joy to parent.  I am so thankful for each day with him, and I pray earnestly for many, many more years as his mommy.

So here are some pictures of my sweet love, Jude Stirling Matthews Kimmel, (and his trusty sidekick Calvin) on his 7th birthday.  


Norwood Mama said...

Ok...Jude looks big and Calvin looks a little like someone to avoid on the street! I love that his hood is up in a restaurant!!!

Renovation Girl said...

Happy Birthday to Jude! What a beautiful post!