Saturday, January 24, 2009

Recharging: Part 2

So last night I posted a question about what you do to recharge when you are feeling "burned out".  I have read your responses (as a side note, I really like it when people comment on my blog - not because its an ego trip but because it reminds me that there are actually a few people that read it, and I need to keep that in mind on my less-than-good days!), and I have been thinking about what might work for me.  My sweet husband told me to take time today for myself since I have been running too close to "empty" for any one's liking, and I didn't want to waste his gift.

I have so discovered the ticket.

Right now I am sitting in the town library (which for those of you not from here is new and so fabulous) with my MacBook, my Bible, and my sheep study notes.  I have spent the last two hours slowly starting to assemble a KeyNote presentation (that's Mac-talk for "PowerPoint" for all my PC friends) of what I have learned - "gleaned" as Lori Thomas would say! - from studying what the Bible says about us as sheep and God as our Shepherd.  

Friends, I am recharged. Almost uncontainably so.

I think I have stumbled onto my own personal rejuvenating trifecta - the atmosphere of our small town library, my new MacBook, and my Bible study notes.  In and of themselves they are beneficial, but incorporating then all like this today has been such a blessing.  I can't even put it into words.  I am near people, but not obligated (perhaps even discouraged) from having to engage, I have uninterrupted time to try and try again with my MacBook, and I marvel at how much good stuff God has shown me when I became so hungry to know Him more.  I can't help but get excited!

So my morning of "me" time has been a rousing success.  I am ready to go back home, engage, and serve my family once again.  Beautiful.

I do feel like I would be remiss if I didn't take a minute in this post to look at a more proactive aspect of my attitude.  Last night while I was laying in bed I had to wonder how I had gotten back to the place of feeling so worn out and out of sorts.  I came to a few conclusions about myself that may strike a chord with you as well. 

Here are some things I can do to avoid that awful "mommy burn out".  They may not work for everyone - I realize we all empty out and refill in different ways - but it might get you thinking about what your needs are.

1.  I need to stay home more.   I have shared that sentiment or one very close to it on my blog before.  It has been a startling realization for me in a lot of ways, but I always feel better when my home business is taken care of.  I am not just talking about cleaning and laundry, although that is a part of it, but I am talking about taking the time to be and enjoy home more.  I want my home to be a sanctuary for my family, and that will only happen if I am there to invest in and experience it with them.

2.  My good intentions need to stop serving as pavement, and start becoming action.  I think this may be what has pushed me over the proverbial edge lately.  God has laid some very specific things on my heart to do, and I have had lousy follow through.  And these are things I am passionate about!  Laziness and distraction have been formidable adversaries in these last few weeks, and I need that to change.  I need to say no, fight temptation, and have friends hold me accountable more.  (Gently, people!  Gently!)  Nothing feels worse to me than being too "busy" to follow through on what really matters.

3.  I need time with my husband.  I am so embarrassed about this one, I almost didn't include it.  Mark hasn't been traveling, but nonetheless I miss him.  He is my favorite person, the person I trust most, the person I laugh with best (although my friends come in a close second on that one!), and I love to talk through our life together.  Things have been busy around our house, at his work, and in our lives lately and we realized this morning that we miss each other.  I always do better when I have hung out with my best friend.

4.  I need to value my time.  Sounds ugly, but I mean it in a healthy way. When I waste time I get discouraged, and that leads to more wasted time, which leads to more discouragement, and on and on.  Time is valuable, and I have important things I could be doing with my moments.  I need to get on that.  Being intentional leads to inspiration which leads to being more intentional which leads to more inspiration, and so on. 

5.  I need to take care of myself.  That sounds so "Oprah" I could almost choke, but I think it is a biblical principle as well.  No, the world doesn't revolve around me, but it sure operates more smoothly when I stop expecting other people to take care of my personal business for me.  I need to get back to eating healthy, I need to get the exercise DVD out of the library bag and into the DVD player before it is due back this Friday, and I need to go to bed at a decent hour.  

So these are some things I think may help me get back on track and stay on track.  I am asking for feedback again - what things to you need to do to be at your best?

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You inspired me to put a post on my blog instead of taking up a ridiculous amount of space in your comment section.