Friday, January 9, 2009

A Healthy Lunch Date

My friend Aly is pretty committed to health and fitness.  (I know.  It's a good thing she's fun or I doubt we could have hung out all this time.)  For some healthy eating inspiration, LaDona and I approached Aly about having us over for lunch and showing us the ropes.  Always one to encourage growth (I know.  But remember she is fun.), Aly agreed with the stipulation that LaDona and I each research and bring a healthy recipe to prepare.  

I went to the library and got out some cookbooks and found a recipe for butternut and acorn squash soup.  It seemed easy enough, and once the produce man at Publix showed me what an acorn squash actually was, I felt apprehensive, but intrigued.  I had a wonderful time cutting up all the fresh vegetables last night.  It was very relaxing!  

Today LaDona, Aly and I gathered in Aly's kitchen to prepare our healthy recipes together.  We recruited Jenn to be our taste tester, and got to work.  What a blast we had!  LaDona made a wonderful salad, I prepared my soup, and Aly grilled us some marinated mahi mahi.  Can I tell you - I haven't had fish since I was probably 6 and last ate fish sticks.  (And are those really made of fish?  Gotta wonder...)  LaDona made us a delicious, lowfat dessert to finish the meal.  

Not only was the food healthy - it was delicious!  I couldn't believe it!  My whole world shifted a bit when I discovered I love fish.  It was a wonderful time - no carbs and lots of laughter!

Here are pictures of our healthy lunch date!

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Aly-Rae said...

Mmmmmm...I'm still reminiscing over your delicious soup. We ROCK!