Monday, December 8, 2008

The World Has Lost a Great One.

My heart is so grieved tonight, I almost can't find the words to post this.

Early this morning Deputy Sheriff Brian Denning was killed in an automobile accident near our home.

The world has lost a great one.

Brian served at our church as security for the Children's Area. Every Sunday you would see him standing at the Children's Ministry door saying hello to everyone, greeting the kids, keeping an eye on the crowd, and smiling the whole while. He was as much a part of Sunday morning as Brother David, the senior pastor. If you wonder what living a life of "good fruit" looks like, Brian was a perfect example. Never in all the time we've known Brian, did we ever see him without a smile, a kind word, or an welcoming attitude. He was real, true, walk-it-out ministry in a police uniform.

Mark and I first got to know Brian about two years ago when we were called to the Children's area for Jude. Jude had been playing on the indoor playground and had run into a wooden tent (I know, I know). He had the most horrific goose egg I have ever seen. When we got to Jude, he was being tended to by Brian and a dr from the medical team. Brian helped me stay conscious and kept Jude calm and talking while the dr assessed him. After all that trauma and drama (and a stop at the ER for a CT scan), we had made a friend for life. Every Sunday when I would see Brian, he would always give me a big smile and say, "How are ya today, Mrs. Head Bonk?" That was us - the Head Bonk family.

Brian was terribly important to us and to all the other families at our church. I can't imagine going back next Sunday. Our hearts are broken.

Please pray for Brian's family this week and beyond as they struggle to deal with this tragic loss. And pray for our church and our community. We will never, ever be the same.

Praise God for the resurrection. We will see Brian again - probably welcoming children into heaven with his infectious smile.

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Ava's Mama said...

Oh, Ann. My heart is broken for his family and all of the families, at church and in your community, who will feel this loss. Lord, please wrap your arms around this community and allow them to feel the comfort of your Holy Spirit.

I remember you talking about him when the 'head bonk' happened. I remember how impressed you were with the calm reassurance that he and the other Children's Ministry volunteers offered to you.

Praise God for the resurrection is right. There is no hope without the Lord and his promise of a rescue and reunion.