Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Yankee Pride Bit Me in the Butt.

So Friday we had school called off. I had to laugh. There was NO snow on the ground. None. Now it was chilly, but where I come from we call that AUGUST. We northerners must be a hardy bunch, because we would often get 6" of snow overnight and still have school the next day (which coincidentally was uphill both ways). In my head I spent a good part of Friday morning scoffing at these wimpy southern folk. They wouldn't last a day in Warren County in December. Scoff, scoff. Snicker, snicker.

Well, you know how they say pride goeth before the fall? Apparently that's literal.

Friday night I stepped out the back door to walk Marshall down off the deck to do his business. While we never had any snow Friday, Thursday's rain apparently froze. And since my deck doesn't get the sun during the day, Thursday's rain remained frozen there. I stepped down the first of our six deck step, and then WHOOOSH!

My Yankee pride and I slipped and fell all the way down the deck steps.

I didn't break anything, but my arm, elbow, hip, and backside are bruised.

(My Yankee pride is still smarting a little too...)


Aly-Rae said...

Thanx for mooning me friday night--woo-hoo! Your poor little booty.

dino said...

Smelly cat,smelly cat, what have they done to you? Just felt like singing to you! Sorry about your bum!