Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Embracing! I'm Embracing!

Today is the first "official" day of Christmas vacation, and I think I am mentally prepared thanks to some great advice from my very wise friend, Aly. (Aly is also the McGyver of decorating - if you give her a pencil eraser and a stick of gum she could totally make a kickin' Nativity.)

After several snow days already this school year (with no snow, but whatever...), I was talking to Aly about how I sometimes get impatient and easily frustrated with the boys when I get out of my normal routine. (A "normal" routine usually includes a few hours respite from loud boys running around shooting Nerf guns in their underwear.) The snow days can bring out the not-so-cool mama in me. As we were sharing the details of one such snow day, I realized Aly had taken the opportunity to really make some great memories with her kids. They did all sorts of fun stuff, while I sat at home silently begging the children to put some pants on and shush.

I told Aly I wished I was that kind of mom who made special memories on a snow day instead of grinding my teeth down to stubs. Then Aly gave me some very wise advice.

"I have to totally embrace those days and throw myself into them. If I do that, I'm not resentful or frustrated or impatient."

Well friends, I am embracing!

Today we are going to Cracker Barrel to pick out a special Christmas ornament for our favorite employee at Publix named Grandpa Burt. Grandpa always has tootsie pops and a smile for Jude and Cal, and a kind word for me as well. We love him, and always check to see if he is working first off. (He works Mon, Tues, and Wed. until 3PM. Yeah. We like him that much that we memorized his schedule.) Then we are going to pick up some baking supplies and make chocolate and Oreo covered pretzels and Buckeye balls. (Please temporarily disregard previous post...) I also bought a giant Christmas coloring book and we are going to color and hang every picture somewhere in this house.

Oh, I am so embracing! And I think I am already having fun.


Aly-Rae said...

I always feel like such a rockstar when you mention my name on your blog...I'm famous!
I love you and you inpire me.

Renovation Girl said...

I struggle with the same things you do. I think most mothers do!! So know that you are not alone in this. Good for you for embracing these moments, but remember to forgive yourself when you aren't able to. Merry Christmas, my friend!