Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Think I'm in Love!

With a computer!  (Those of you who know me well, take a minute if you need to.)

Mark got me a MacBook for Christmas this year.  And  am totally smitten.  I admit I was intimidated by the idea of trying to learn something new, let alone learning most everything new on a Mac, but if this is a dream, don't be waking me up!  Most of the Mac people I know are either super geeky or super artsy, and while I studied theater, no one would classify me as either of those things.  But I am now, without a doubt, a Mac person.  (And I realize all those smart, artsy people probably owe their reputations to their Macs.)

I just installed iWorks - which has Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.  For the first time in almost two years, I have hopes of organizing my sheep study notes!  (For the last year and a half or so I have researched what the Bible says about the sheep/shepherd relationship as it relates to our relationship with God.  I am telling you - it's rich, people.  It's rich.)  I have some bullet point notes I typed up in Word, but even I can't make much sense out of it with all the scratch outs, arrows, and added thoughts.  But now!  Oh, now I could actually make a presentation about what I've learned!  (Don't worry, I don't know how to upload it to my blog...yet.  But one day soon you may be subjected to my biblical obsession.)

I love this computer.  And I love all the possibilities it opens up for this technologically challenged blogger.  I am so in love.


Aly-Rae said...

I have to tell you I am really excited about your sheep studies...seriously. Get on that for me.

Randy Bohlender said...

Super geeky or super artsy? I reject all your labels

dino said...

finally!! im sooo excited about your sheep study! i want to take the class