Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Darn That Biggest Loser Show

Mark and I just finished watching the season finale of NBC's "The Biggest Loser". We have always enjoyed the show - there is something inspiring about seeing hard work and struggle translate into astonishing physical change.

But tonight as I watched the finale I felt terribly unsettled. I still am not sure I can put my finger on it, but it may be (gulp) conviction about the health choices I am making in my life right now.

I am aware that what is going on with me physically is probably well beyond the scope of diet and exercise as a permanent and complete fix. But I was confronted today (by the show and a conversation with a dear friend) that my diet can border on thoughtless and gluttonous, and my exercise (or lack thereof) toes the line of laziness.

I have a million excuses if you are interested! I struggle with constant fatigue and shortness of breath, which discourages one from slipping into the dusty Nike gear and heading out for some exercise. I am exhausted by the time dinner rolls around and it is easier to eat easy, processed poo than to put forth the effort to prepare a healthier option. I need to drink all that soda for a caffeine boost (after all, I struggle with fatigue!). And what is the point of a multi-vitamin when I have already tried a million prescription medicines to "get my health back"? It is hard for me to accept that I can't take off and run right now, and I would rather do nothing than struggle to find a substitute for the joy and health running brought me. Water is boring.

And after all those excuses, I am still left feeling...unexcused.

I feel convicted that I am content with laziness and gluttony, and not willing to sacrifice to make more worshipful choices with my life. It is starting to feel like a spiritual issue and not just a physical issue. And I think I need to address this.

I am going to be praying about what choices God would have me make in my life right now. I know from this heavy feeling that it is time to honor God with whatever health I do have. No excuses.

I hope to have some clear answers, and I may even use this blog for some accountability. (Back off - I didn't start yet!!!)


Ava's Mama said...

didn't make it through this post. needed to go find a donut...and sit in front of the tv. we'll talk later....much later!

Jane said...

Hi, Ann, I found your blog whilst searching for the other Ann Kimmel several months ago. Have been one of those anonymous readers, and I really enjoy your posts.

As you occasionally ask for book recommendations, I thought I'd offer up one relevant to this entry: "Mudhouse Sabbath" by Lauren Winner. Ms. Winner was an orthodox Jew for many years before falling in love with Jesus.

All three of her books are on my recommend list; the one I suggest here is her meditation on some Old Testament/Judaic practices and how they might translate into Christian living. I've been chewing on several, including "Mindful Eating" (from keeping kosher) and one about inhabiting our bodies as believers.

And for your boys, my friend who used to teach children's lit at Colorado Christian College recommends "The Great Piratical Rumbustification", a fun chapter book about ... pirates!

Merry Christmas, Jane