Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Night Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts!

Everything's coming up roses! That's right - my beloved Nittany Lions are headed to the Rose Bowl! I am so proud of these guys and JoePa. They are a solid, strong football team and I am determined to deck the house out for the Rose Bowl no matter how much Mark cringes!

Another name of God. While I was on my trip to DC, Ang got word that a mutual friend (well, my lifelong enemy, but whatever...) found out they are expecting a baby! What makes this so downright astonishing is that they have three sons, the most yummy little girl, and just adopted twin daughters who are around 3 months old! HELLO! Through her laughter, Ang reminded me that we worship "Jehovah Sneaky". Sure, He goes by other names too, but "Jehovah Sneaky" totally sums up God's work in this instance! (And in Ang's - she pregnant again too.) While I should be terrified that my arch nemesis is reproducing, I can't help but rejoice in Jehovah Sneaky's plan. How cool is that? Now I just pray that Jehovah Sneaky blesses some other sweet friends of mine with children...

Just read a great book. Our town just opened the new library and it is amazing! The boys and I went on Friday and I happened to find a book that looked interesting. It is called Jubilee by Margaret Walker. It is set in Georgia around the time of the Civil War. It is intriguing storytelling but also makes you come away thinking about race and racial history. Great read. You should check it out.

Funniest thing said while we were in DC. So apparently I was a little over-enthusiastic about the whole World War II thing one day because as we dragged our hungry and tired selves back to our hotel Ang finally turned to me and said, "The name Col. Frazier is banned! No more! The next time I hear the word Colonel, you better be talking about the chicken guy!" Yikes. :)

No so funny thing said while we were in DC. In the elevator on the way to breakfast Ang and I struck up a conversation with two other women who were heading out to see the sights. Ang and I were sharing how tired we were from our day of sightseeing, and then Ang added, "Well, I'm pregnant and she's debilitated, so that's why we were so tired." Debilitated? Hold on a minute there missy! Pregnancy is cool, but debilitated is just...lame.

The truth about my far as I know. Just because you all care (Not really. It's mainly because I have to face my reality somehow and it feels better to put that all on you), I had another echo done this month and it was one of those good news/bad news kind of things. The good news is that my heart isn't any worse than it was last year, but the bad news is that it also isn't any better. I catch myself dwelling on the bad news, because I kept telling myself that by this Christmas I would surely be back to myself. While I don't feel it, I thought maybe the test would show I was better. I go back to my pulmonologist next month to see what he thinks, and in the meantime I am plugging along. Some days are OK, some days are not great. Grocery shopping tonight was not so great.

Thanksgiving. I love this holiday! Because we don't have family nearby, we usually celebrate Thanksgiving with friends which is wonderful too. This year we are having Harold and LaDona and their sweet kids over on Thursday. LaDona and I are each making a few things so the feast should be good! I love cooking on Thanksgiving - it makes me feel like Caroline Ingalls living off the fat of the land. (Or in my case Walmart. Whatever.)

Well, that is probably all the randomness I can offer and you can stand. Have a great week!

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Ava's Mama said...

Other than the fact that it was just the two of us, and you are the blog author, I find it a little odd that I get blamed for the funniest and not so funniest comments. If I had about 15 minutes, I could make a list of the funny things said by the other people (ok, you) on our trip!