Friday, September 5, 2008

Random Friday

Here we are again - ahhhhhhhh. Friday. I know it was a short week with the Labor Day holiday, but can I tell you, those other four days felt like dog years for some reason. Regardless, now it is time for some of my weekly random thoughts.

Random Thought #1 - I Love the Fall.
Not the "fall of man" fall, but the season. Today was a gray, rainy day in TN, and I loved it. Perfect nap weather, and Cal and I made good use of it while Jude was at school. It got dark earlier and I had to wear a lightweight sweatshirt tonight running errands. I love the leaves changing, the cool evenings, the routine of school, and of course, football. I enjoy summer, but I am always ready for fall.

Random Thought #2 - Keeping Up With the Jones's.
There is this delightful family in our church class - the Jones family. (No, seriously. That's not code or anything. They really are the Jones family.) The Jones family is intrinsically cool. They are the kind of people you just like because, well, they're likable. But I came to love the Jones family even more when I heard about their family Saturdays. They all get up (parents and kids), go out for doughnuts, and go yard saling. Each child gets a few bucks and off they go. How fun is that?!?!?! So tomorrow while Mark is playing paintball, I am going to take Jude and Cal and spend the morning the way the Jones family does. Yard saling. Yea for us!

Random Thought #3 - And They Say Kids Aren't Old Enough to "Get It".
You just have to read this post by my lifelong nemesis Randy Bohlender. I read it today and about cried. Being in children's ministry all those years, I have heard over and over again how children are too young to grasp the necessary theological concepts needed for "true" salvation. I'd say this is some of the most genuine, Christ-like ministry I have ever heard about. "The Burrito Prayer Movement"

And although Randy is my archenemy, I do feel compelled to add that he is a genuinely great guy with a wild and crazy heart for Jesus, so this must have taken place on a rare bad day. (There. Nice complement paid. Just heaping ashes, friend. Just heaping ashes.)

Random Thought #4 - I Need a Hobby.
No, really. I need a hobby.

I tend to see my life right now as two distinct periods of time - BHV (before heart virus) and AHV (after heart virus). Although my doctor assured me that in time, those two eras would once again more closely resemble each other, I am still waiting. Right now I am feeling enough better to get back to some of the daily "stuff" of life (who knew doing your own laundry could be fun?), but I still am not anywhere near running form. I convinced myself that I would be running a Thanksgiving 5K and the half marathon next May, but the other day I was chasing the boys around the house (for fun, not discipline...this time...) and after about three minutes and one run up our half flight of stairs I was dizzy, sweating, and gasping for breath. I had to lay down and I haven't felt terribly great since.

BHV, running was my hobby. I know we've been over this, but I loved it. Running was where I went in the evenings when I needed a few moments to myself to think or not think depending on the day's events. I set goals and reached them, I cleared my head, I had great time with God while pounding the pavement. Heck, I even had a special wardrobe! (I know, we've been over that too.)

AHV, not so much. So for now, running is still out, but I am going crazy without...something to do that isn't "job related". So I thought I would open this up to my faithful readership (both of you) for suggestions. Here is some information for you to chew on while you ponder my next passion in life.

* Reading is great and all, but it is a lot of sitting down or laying in bed, and I am hoping for something more active but not by much.
* I can't commit to going somewhere to do this hobby, especially in the evenings. I just never know how I will feel by the end of the day.
* It needs to be creative in nature. Not to sound too "theatre major" but I really need a creative outlet somehow.
* It has to be cheap, not take up too much space, and not frustrate the heck out me while learning. (There goes knitting and learning Excel...)
* Please don't say scrap booking. I want to be that mom, but no matter how hard I try, I just can't get into it.

There are a million things I am interested in doing, but some reasons why, at this point in my life, they won't work. I thought about sewing (having a machine and all) but I live with three boys and I certainly wouldn't wear anything I made, so that seems like a waste. I would love to take cooking classes, but that would involve a lot of standing in the kitchen and actually liking to cook. I thought about setting up a dog agility course in the backyard and teaching Marshall, but who are we kidding? At least one party has to be interested.

Some things I am passionate about are football, babies, WW II vets, laughing, and Jesus - in no particular order. I met this amazing WW II vet, Col. Frazier at a book signing in Mobile, AL and after reading his book (which you all need to read) "Hell's Guest" about his 3 1/2 years as a POW in Japan I have been fired up about that generation. I cried through the book, and haven't been able to get him or his story off my mind since. But not sure what I can do with that, you know, not being a veteran myself or having any particular special training to be helpful in that realm.

So I am asking, begging, pleading for some ideas from you all. I am starting to go a bit crazy. I always tell Mark that God was merciful in that when I was the most sick, I was too tired to get discouraged or despair. But now I feeling better enough to know what I am still missing. I think having a "creative purpose" might help in this transition time between BHV and AHV.

OK. Enough randomness for now. Have a great weekend faithful readership!


blogchargers said...

Hi Ann,

It was a joy to receive your e-mail and read your blog. Thank you!

You have been an inspiration in my life and ministry for nearly 30 years.

I remember when we held Children's Crusades at the gym you built for kids in Boston. That was in 1980!!

I am praying for you and your boys. Hang in there Mom!

Steve Karges
Children's Ministries International, Inc.
San Diego

Ava's Mama said...


I didn't know you'd had such an amazing career in children's crusades... (grin)!

I think you should consider scrapbooking. You can do it whenever and however. Mark said, just today, that we should create a 'life journal' (manspeak for scrapbook) because of our many blessings, amazing children and gorgeous garden.

Aly said...

How bout widdling? I can see you widdling wood...and the sharp knives add an element of danger! COOL! Let's widdle!
Learn to play the banjo! Yeah...I'll learn to play the fiddle and then we can start a band! Mark can play the washboard and we'll get Steve a jug and we'll tour. The kids can clog! Awesome!!!
Seriously, learn to play the guitar. I hear it's not that hard and you can do it sitting down. I love the sound of an acoustic guitar.