Friday, August 1, 2008

Whoa. For a Minute There...

...I was the man in our relationship.

Mark and I have both been busy lately (he with work and me with school starting, etc) and we haven't had much time at all to really sit down and talk to each other. We weren't angry with each other...we were just relationally absent for a few days. Neither one of us likes that feeling.

So tonight after the boys were in bed, we sat in the sun room with the TV off and really, really talked. We talked about how we each were doing, how we were feeling, what we were struggling with, what we observed about each other lately, and several other relationally healthy topics.

After about an hour, there was a nice, quiet moment. I asked Mark if he wanted to play a card game we have gotten into lately.

He looked lovingly at me, and said sweetly, "No honey. I would just really rather sit here together and talk some more."

Slightly disappointed (and without thinking might I add), I replied, "When you are done talking about rainbows and unicorns, do you think you will want to play a game?"

Apparently I had met my relational quota for the day.

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Ava's Mama said...

I knew it! He's a skirt!