Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random Thoughts

There is going to be no great point to this post. Keep your expectations low. I am just going to ramble about some random Kimmel business.

Jude has learned how to ride a two wheeler! Well, he didn't really learn, apparently he already knew. Yep, missed that milestone entirely. We were at the park the other day with our sweet friends and Jude hopped on Josh's two wheeler and just began riding around. Well. OK. Glad I could help on that one! So now he has a new bike and all he wants to do is ride, ride, ride. This weekend he caught a few minutes of an X Games type BMX competition, and now he figures he will practice and be on the "bike show". Heaven help me!

Cal Henry is doing fine. He has recovered from his grumpy day, and is back to his unique self. Today was Jude's registration for first grade (as an aside...WHAT?!?!?!!? MY KID IS IN FIRST GRADE?!?!?!!?), and while we were in his classroom, a police officer came in the room for a minute. Jude immediately noticed the officer had a "real gun" (oh, yes - we were going to be the parents who didn't let their sons play guns...until Cal ate a potato chip into the shape of a gun and began shooting everyone at lunch one day...). Suddenly Cal's eyes got really big and he whispered to me, "If he is the cop, are we the robbers?"

On the health front, we think we finally figured out what has been wrong with me for the last 14 months or so. After tests, tests, and more tests, my doctor believes I caught a virus and eventually the virus attacked my heart. Thus the fatigue (probably from the virus) and the shortness of breath, chest pain, weakness, fainting, and even more fatigue (from the virus getting my heart). The bad news is that there isn't really much "treatment" besides time to heal my heart and get my energy back. The good news is that my dr figures in another 10 months I should be good as new. There are days when that information discourages me (that will be two years I will have been sick!), and days when I am so relieved and grateful that I don't have anything that 10 months wouldn't fix. In the meanwhile, I am supposed to be eating as healthy as possible and getting in some walking as I can. When I take the time to look at the big picture, I can see that I am physically better than I was 10 months ago, and I am sure I am wiser as well. It may take me years to be able to totally get perspective on all of this, but God has been faithful. It has been rough. But He has been good.

OK. I think that is probably enough randomness for now. Hope you all are doing well! (Um, both of you who read this...)

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Ava's Mama said...

Yes, Calvin. You are the robbers! At breakfast the other morning, we sat next to a family with a four year old son. He asked his mom if they were aliens. What is it with that age!?! Silly boys!