Monday, May 26, 2008

Gladiators vs. Dadiators

Being a house filled to the brim with testosterone (even I am on steroids at the moment...), the Kimmel family has become slightly addicted to the NBC show "Gladiators". Usually we don't get this excited about Monday Night television until about September, but this summer we are ready to cheer on our favorite gladiators and contenders at 7 PM each week.

Recently Pa Ken (Mark's dad) came for a long awaited visit. The boys were so excited to see him! And poor Pa Ken - he came right when our Gladiator fever was reaching a frenzied pitch. The boys decided they wanted to play Gladiator against their daddy and Pa Ken. Thus begins the First Annual Gladiators vs. Dadiators competition.

I could only figure out how to semi-recreate three games (not having an entire gym or large pool or some unbelievably buff muscle men offense Mark...). We played Joust (the real game has two opponents whacking each other over a pool), Gauntlet (where a contender has to run down a tunnel while the Gladiators whack them with big things), and finally Power Ball (a Gladiator shoots at the contender while the contender tries to shoot at the Gladiator). With some minor modifications and a large dose of imagination, the games began.

There were few injuries which was remarkable considering the intensity of the competition, although I will say Pa Ken took a real beating during his run at Gauntlet. I sure hope he will come back again!

Here are some pictures of Gladiators vs. Dadiators!

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Jaredsma said...

Ann, forgive me for not directly addressing this latest post...I see I have a lot of catching up to do.
I was checking out another blog (something I rarely do, really) about the Jesus Freak days and feeling sorta mellow in remembering, and at the end of this, when I was tired of being in computerland, gee, I wonder what happened to my favourite author at the time, ann kimmel.
You know what I mean by 'cheap thrill' and a tremendous and very welcome blast from the past. I see you're using upper case. :-)
BTW, I thought I was alone in smiling about my nose piercing. It'll be good to catch up on your doings. So glad to find you!