Friday, February 1, 2008

Something I Am Learning (Again...and Again...and Again...)

I have had two thoughts burning in my heart and taking up part of my prayer time lately, and I have been all set to blog about them both. I have waited and waited to write about these two things, hoping that the right words would come easily and that I would be able to convey what I think God is teaching me with accuracy and humility. I even began an attempt this morning, but can I tell you - the words just aren't coming. And that is unusual for me. (I can hear those "Amens", people!)

But just a few minutes ago it dawned on me. Those two things I am learning may just be for me. I want to share what God is teaching me, but I think the point is that He wants to teach me. Maybe He wants me to just ponder these things in my heart and continue to pray. Maybe the lesson isn't finished yet. Maybe this information isn't for instruction as much as it is for relationship. Maybe other people already know what God is teaching me. I don't know. All I know is that I think (interesting start to a sentence, huh?!) that I need to let God teach me and not worry immediately about sharing what I am learning with everyone. God is the Creator of all mankind, but He is also the God of intimate encounters. I think He is slowly teaching me the difference. I am not going to lie - being quiet doesn't come easy to me. (I can hear those "Amens" too folks!) But for now, I think I am supposed to.

So maybe later today I will be back with another post about the boys or my thoughts on some other random topic. Don't panic - I won't stop talking altogether! But right now I have nothing to share with you. But I am guessing God does.

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