Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh My Darling Cal Henry!

Life with my youngest is never, ever boring.

Cal and Jude were each sent to the rooms this evening for a cooling off time after a particularly heated "debate". Mark went in to Jude's room first and talked to Jude about how we operate as a family and how he needs to work with his brother to solve their issues. Then Mark went into Cal's room to have the same talk. I saw Mark walk in, but then abruptly turn and walk right back out without a word. I gave Mark a questioning look, and he said, "I just can't get into the talk looking at him right now." Out walks Cal, claiming to be the next great superhero and dressed like this. Apparently he had moved on from the brotherly disagreement to his next great adventure.

At lunchtime today I asked him if he wanted to pray before we ate. Here is how that went.

Cal: Can I pray about robots?

Me: (slightly disappointed, but figuring maybe God likes robots too...) Um, sure honey.

Cal: (bowing his head and folding his hands) Dear God. Thank you for doggie robots. (looking up suddenly, very concerned) Mama, there are doggie robots, right?

Me: (seeing we probably weren't going to have a confession of faith and really just wanting to get to my ham and cheese sandwich and chips) Um, sure honey.

Cal: (relieved and back to the prayer position) Thank you God that doggie robots transform into cars. Amen.

Me: (thinking in my head) OK, I was hoping he would pray for our family or at least for the food we have...but I am too hungry for a lesson on gratitude right now. Time to dig in!

Cal: (wide eyed as if he has just discovered the atom or something) WAIT!!!!!! I forgot something!!!!!

Me: (thinking in my head) Maybe he does get it! O happy day!

Cal: (assuming prayer position again) And dear God, please bless their headquarters. Amen.

Now I know I may be biased, but I think Cal Henry is about as interesting a person as they come. He has a limitless amount of energy and imagination (which has created some unfortunate situations in the toilet bowl), and he is constantly catching me off guard. After three and a half years, I still can't quite anticipate his next move with a great deal of accuracy. He just marches to the beat of a different drum. And while it is slightly unnerving at times, I most often find myself watching him with delight and admiration. Cal is Cal. He is 100% Cal at all times, and he waits for no man to catch up. It is delightful.


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Ava's Mama said...

I love him! He is wonderful! I am glad that he is at your house!!!!