Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Theology of Calvin

Mark and I are trying to keep the boys focused on Jesus this holiday season. Pretty tricky when you consider the Santa and Christmas train at the mall, the inflatable lawn carousels sold at Walmart, and the endless commercials sucking their sweet yet greedy hearts right in. But we're trying.

Each night we are learning about a different name of Jesus found in the Bible. It has been an adventure! So far, the favorite is Alpha and Omega, but mainly because that little lesson came with a game. Tonight we learned about Jesus, the Bright Morning Star. Apparently, these little lessons have Calvin's wheels turning because he wanted to talk about Jesus at bedtime tonight. The conversation went like this.

Cal: Where is Jesus now?

Me: He is in heaven now waiting to return and gather His children.

Cal: He was a baby.

Me: Yes, he was. But he grew up and as a man he saved us.

Cal: How'd he do that?

Me: (distracted) He died for our sins.

Cal: (alarmingly curious) How'd he die?

Me: (realizing immediately I have lost control and hoping to end the conversation as quickly as possible) Um...crucifixion.

Cal: What's that mean?

Me: (panicked as the worms from the can overrun the room) He was killed...

(But before I could finish the sentence by saying, "But He rose again - isn't that amazing???" he blurts out in his most sympathetic voice - )

Cal: Oh no! Poor, poor Jesus!!!

(Regrouping and relieved at the tender reaction as opposed to the morbidly fascinated response I feared...)

Cal: How'd he get up to heaven?

Me: He ascended - that means He left earth on a cloud and went into heaven.

Cal: (thinking a moment) Um, nope. A star fell down and whacked him in the doody. [our word for butt.]

Maybe in the Message version.

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Ava's Mama said...

Ann! Your college professors are going to take your degree away! So much for the 'Christian Education' at your house! I still remember very clearly, the day that Jude left childcare at VCC, saying goodbye to Ms. Chris and Jesus...completly forgetting to take Jesus home with him in his heart!