Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Holiday (Or Two) Behind...

Yes. I officially stink. I haven't blogged in several weeks and I am sorry. I wish I could say that I was off spreading the gospel to pygmies in Africa, but pretty much I was here in TN cleaning the house, getting the boys off to school, and doing...whatever it is I do that keeps me so busy I can't find time to blog. My apologies!

So since I took a slight sabbatical from the blog, I realize I am several holidays behind. We had Halloween. Such fun! The boys carved jack o lanterns this year, and even worked up to scooping the "guts" out themselves. We invited our friends Rob and Mary Lee and their kids Addie and Ryan over on Halloween for Trick or Treating and cookie decorating. It was wonderful! Jude and Cal had the best time with their buddies. It was just one of those nights that blesses you as a mommy. I will post some pictures!

Then we had Thanksgiving. We had a great Thanksgiving! We spent Thanksgiving with some good friends, and it was, again, one of those special days. Being so far away from family, I worry sometimes that my boys will grow up without an appreciation of the holidays. But this Thanksgiving was such a gift. The boys had their buddies there to play, and the ladies cooked together and we all enjoyed a HUGE feast and a wonderful day. Sometimes the holidays are hard for me since I grew up with tons of family gathered together, but I have to say I was equally blessed to be with our "southern family" for Thanksgiving. (Although they were slightly creeped out that I actually stuffed the turkey - well, Mark stuffed the turkey while I gagged in the background. Apparently they don't stuff turkeys much down this way. And they call it "dressing". No wonder they don't know to stuff it...)

Then today we went to a Pancake Breakfast with Santa. It was, again, wonderful. The kids all got to sit on Santa's lap (and might I say, Santa rocked!) and we enjoyed some really great pancakes. It is finally feeling like Christmas is coming this way!

So that is about it from here for now. I will try to do better, and at least let you all know how Christmas was sometime before Groundhog Day.


Carrigan Family said...

That would be cornbread dressing around here .... :). I have my Granny's recipe if you ever want to learn to make it .... it will surely transform you into a "real" southern girl.

Ava's Mama said...

Watch it there! Quit turning my Ann into one of you Southerners!!! She has the most darling, yet freaky, accents these days!!!