Monday, October 22, 2007

Jammies, Jumping, and Our Sweet New Dog!

It is so funny - when you have children the simplest things become so entertaining and precious. When I was single and fabulous (not to be confused with married and fabulous), I would have thought Pajama Day at kindergarten, a 4 year old birthday party at the Jumpy Place, and a mutt were mere blips on the radar screen of life. How wrong I was!

On Friday Jude's class had pajama day. I surprised him with new NFL jammies (that's right, you heard me...NFL jammies!) and he was thrilled! In the drop off line at his school, the gym teacher (who is a very pretty and fun lady) opens the car doors and lets the kids out. I suspect Jude has a secret crush on her, because when she saw him Friday morning she nodded and said, "Very nice, Jude." he beamed and turned about six shades of red.

Saturday Jude and Cal went to Cal's friend's 4th birthday party. This friend is especially dear to me because for the longest time Cal would talk about "Joseph" and I thought Joseph was Cal's imaginary friend! Nope - he is very real and very dear and it blesses my heart to see my little Cal running around with his buddy. The boys had a great time, and I was exhausted just watching!

Finally, we have a new addition to our family! Mark and I have been talking for months (OK, let's keep it real - I have been talking, Mark has been gritting his teeth and rolling his eyes...) about getting a dog. We (again, me) have been looking on for the perfect dog for us. There are listings from tons of rescue groups, and one sweet dog caught our eye. (At this point, even Mark was on board.) Mark and I met him Saturday and brought him home. He is a dream! I know we are still in the honeymoon phase, but he has already been a great addition to our family. The boys love him, and I love him, and secretly (when his paintball friends aren't around) Mark loves him too! His name is Marshall, and I sure think we will keep him!

None of these things are really very important in what the world thinks is the grand scheme of things. But, for one house in TN, jammies, jumping, and our new dog all bring us joy. And I am pretty sure joy is an important part of the real Big Picture.

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