Saturday, September 8, 2007

For the Love of JoePa

Tonight was one of those magical nights. My beloved Penn State played Notre Dame, and we actually got to see the game! (Thank you, ESPN!) Usually we don't get to see Penn State play, which is heartbreaking, but to add insult to injury we always seem to get the Tennessee games. Now I get the logic of that, but didn't Penn State beat the Vols in the Outback Bowl? Don't you think the locals would want to watch a really good team?? Just wondering...

Tonight the boys and I got in our war paint and cheered on our team. These are the moments when I totally get why God gave me boys. Yes, girls wear bows and frilly dresses, but I think boys in paint cheering for Penn State is just as lovely. The boys walked around the house cheering, "We are!" "Penn State!" and hollering "Go JoePa!" It almost makes a mama's heart just melt.

So here are some pictures of our totally wonderful night. Yea Penn State! We love you JoePa! (Just try to hang on long enough for my boys to be coached by you...)

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Ava's Mama said...

I have visions of your boys sitting in the stands of a football game in the dead of winter with nothing on the top halves of their bodies except paint. That wouldn't scare me so much if I didn't see at least one of my daughters screaming and cheering in the stands next to them!