Tuesday, September 25, 2007

All Things Kimmel

I have become what I can't stand. I have to apologize to anyone who still comes back faithfully to check this blog-o-rific site day after day only to find the old post staring you in the face. Now, admittedly, Jude asking if we can have a cat when Mark dies is amusing, but after seven days I know some of the humor is lost. When I started this blog I vowed I wouldn't go two days - three at the very most - without a post (knowing how the masses would need me), but here I am days and days later. I feel like the guy who didn't call after the date. For nine days. It kind of feels like I've awkwardly bumped into you at the mall, and I am not quite sure how to start the conversation. I guess I will just update you on life here in the Kimmel house. That's a good place to start. So I sheepishly submit this entry for your reading with my sincere apologies. (Don't you like how I actually pretend people miss reading my blog? Denial ain't just a river in Egypt, folks.)

Let's start with Cal Henry. Oh, the entries we could do on this fellow alone! He started preschool, and it was darn near beautiful. He has been loving school, and starts each day by asking if it is a "preschool day". Being a youngest child myself I imagine part of the joy is that he is finally doing the things he has watched his brother do for years. His teachers say he is doing great, and it is so dear to hear him tell me about his day. He is always so enthusiastic about it! As a very convenient side benefit, his listening at home has gotten better too. I think he realizes that he will have to listen to and obey adults for at least a few more years. I am going to add a picture of my preschool boy on his first day. Is it me, or is he too grown up for words???

Now Jude. Oh Jude. He is doing well in kindergarten, although the sweet child periodically gets his name written on the board for talking too much. (Must be a trait from the Kimmel side...) He adores his teacher, and he feels compelled to tell her so often. She thinks he's sweet. We have our first Parent/Teacher conference this Thursday and I have to admit I am a bit nervous. I think teachers forget that not only are the kindergartners starting a new chapter in life, but so are the first time parents. I am coming to the realization that I have no idea how to be a kindergarten mom. I am still trying to learn the "rules" of the school, and I'm trying not to get my name written on the board in the process. I am going to try and be brave and go in and have lunch with Jude at school on Thursday. Now I don't know the protocol for such an event, but I am going to muddle through it somehow. I figure if he can walk into that big building every day by his little-kindergarten-self, I can at least try to be that brave.

As for Mark and I, we are...fine. I have no news on my health, although it is still a definite issue. Still tired (and I mean exhausted), still short of breath without doing much of anything, still weak. You know the drill. But we have ruled out some scary things this past week, and I praise God for that. We also went to our church and had some of the elders and deacons pray with and over me for my health. (Take a moment if you need it for all you who know I am a former Swedish Lutheran.) It was amazing, and brought Mark and I such encouragement and comfort. Nothing freaky-deaky (no snakes or headless live chickens) and such a gift. There were really amazing people praying for us, and I so appreciated it.

Coming up for the Kimmels - Jude's two week intercession break. (Gotta love the modified calendar school!) I would love to take the guys up to my folks to play over his break, but I am just not sure I will be able to pull it off health wise. We are still deciding. Tonight is "Super Hero" night at the Gallatin Chick-fil-a. If you wear a super hero costume you get a free meal, and that is so right up our alley. Big plans!

Hope everyone reading this (OK, both of you and that could just be Ang reading it twice) is doing well! I will be back soon with more entries. Don't break up with me yet!

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chex said...

I'm still here checking in on you. I just cannot ever remember my Google login! Hey, reply to an email once and awhile, okay? :)