Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Star of My Show

There is a saying I heard recently about "making Jesus famous". I loved that thought. Something about it just struck the former theater major in me, and I have been dwelling on that idea ever since. I can't say as I know how to walk that out though, and so I have been praying for some clarity and insight.

Last night I got to thinking about my life and how I always view it from the inside out. Everything is from my perspective - it is "my" story, I am the author and star of my own show. (But, let's be clear, in the TV movie of my life the role of me would be played by someone like Natalie Portman. Smart, pixie like, cute in both long and short hair. But I digress...) I can see the audience looking up at me, enthralled to see my every choice and action, hanging on my every word. But then suddenly the thought popped in my head - 'What if Jesus is actually supposed to be the star of my show?' What if somehow my simple life (which, let's face it, is not so terribly enthralling on a day to day basis) became terribly exciting because the real star of the show could move mountains, or heal blindness with some spit and dirt, or snatch a fading loved one from the grip of despair??? Now that is a show worth watching! Suddenly, I am no longer a middle class, comfortable SAHM, but a bit player sharing a tiny piece of the stage with the great I AM!

Here's what I am learning - I am not the author and star of my own show. If I was, the story would be painful to watch and the heroine would not be very heroic. But if the choices and actions and words I use every day get an audience to look at Jesus - if I live my life with Him as the star of my show - now that is a life worth watching! Even I am excited to see what lines He will script for me next and what the final scenes will look like!

It feels good to think of someone else standing in the spotlight at center stage of my life story. Life is more exciting standing upstage left and seeing the real Star of the ultimate Story in the limelight. So this is my goal. Less energy spent focusing on the audience and the acting. More energy spent watching the show of my life unfold around me. I really think in the end it could be worth an encore.

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