Monday, July 23, 2007

Prayers, the Posse, and Listening for Jesus

I can't believe it has been so long since I did a blog entry! I am sure (all three of) you are waiting breathlessly to see what wisdom and insight I throw out into the world tonight. Well, I actually have very little wisdom, a cute story about my boys, and a spiritual project to tell you about. Read on, brave trio!

The other night Mark and I were laying the boys down for bed. We have this adorable children's Bible (My name is Ann and I am a children's Bible junkie..."Hi Ann"...) and we read our Bible story (David and Goliath - a favorite) and then we had the boys take turns doing prayers. Jude, my introspective, relational guy, prays this tender prayer, thanking God for every person he can think of and telling God how much he loves to praise His name. It was everything a good Christian mommy wants to hear at bedtime (mainly so she can feel less guilty about what she did or didn't do that day to point her children towards eternal salvation).

Then it was Cal Henry's turn. Cal Henry is my energetic, physical, tell-it-like-it-is-someday-you'll-appreciate-my-honesty child. And this was his heartfelt prayer: "Dear God. Today I said (insert list of three naughty words I could get in trouble for for posting on the Internet). Whatchu gonna do 'bout that? Amen." Um, yeah.

There's my cute story. Here's my very little wisdom.

Everybody needs a posse. That's the bottom line in life. I have a posse. We are a group of four ultra cool women (or at least we think so) who have just sort of decided to be real friends - the key word being real. I don't think any of us can actually trace back to the posse roots, but regardless of how the posse formed, I can tell you it has changed my life. Having three other women who are there to have my back (or to give me a gentle kick a little lower than the back when I need it) keeps me going. We are officially in each other's business. We don't put on any sort of facade with each other (although N. does have great lipstick on all the time), and I think somehow there is this unspoken understanding that we are in this for the long haul. I know female friendships can be a dangerous thing, but the gift of the posse is worth the risk. I once heard a teacher say that God rigged it - we can't do life alone, and he is right. I love my husband so dearly, but these girls encourage me to love him better. I love my sons more than anything, and these ladies encourage me to get up and keep trying after prayer nights like the other night. You can't do it alone. Everybody needs a posse.

And lastly, here is my spiritual project.

This may not sound like much, so if you are looking for Ghandi-esque revelation, stop reading now and I will catch you next post. God is just working on me. It is slightly unnerving because, quite frankly, I am no spiritual giant. I read my Bible and pray (at times like each of my sons), but I am aching to really know Him. So I have been praying about that. And you know what I feel convicted to do? Shush up. (I would say "shut up", but if my mom ever figures out the Internet and actually reads this blog she will sit me in a chair for saying shut up.) Yes, you read that right. I think God wants me to be hushed and listen more. I am not really thinking there will be any amazing commands from burning shrubbery, but I am excited to hear the little things. The other day, I think He wanted me to buy the lunch of the guy behind me in the McDonalds drive thru. I chickened out, but at least I heard it! So now, with more boldness, I am hushing up and listening. Casting Crowns' "Voice of Truth" is my fight song. I'll let you know how it goes.

Or at least I will tell my posse how it's going.


Smead said...

I do agree with the "shush up" notion. (And I'm not just saying that because I have had to listen to you talk for 30-some years !) I think we often miss out on God's ideas because we are too busy listening to the noise of life and trying to talk our way through it.

I'm going to trying to shush up, too. Heck if you can do it, anyone can. :)

Ava's Mama said...'re right about the posse. I have had breakfast with the Chicas every other week for almost 5 years. There is something very important about a consistent community. Why don't guys get this?